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IMG_0315 Carolyn A Brent is America’s Caregiver Empowerment Strategist™ and author of number one bestselling book Why Wait? The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially & Legally for a Parent’s Death, a guide for family caregivers and aging parents. Carolyn is available for workshops, trainings,and speaking engagements around living a life of health, wellness and fitness.
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“Your exceptional presentation was informative and well received by our attendees. Our attendees walked away from the conference inspired, motivated and ready to face the future!”
–Shawn Kish, TWFA President

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"Chakra Awakening Radio Show with Margaret Ann Lembo – Episode 54 Original Air Date Dec 2, 2011 - http://t.co/c4VIwzTdMA"

Why Wait?

9780615475011-Frontcover copy A handbook that can spare caregivers and their families the stress of conflict at a time of grieving.View More

The Caregiver’s Companion

9780615475011-Frontcover copy Everything you need to know to ensure that your elderly loved one is being properly cared for.View More
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