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Award-Winning American Author, Speaker, Radio Host &  Broadcast TV Analyst, Caregiver & Eldercare Legislation Advocate

Carolyn A. Brent known to audiences across the country from her appearances on various national news programs from MSNBC to ABC. Carolyn is an accomplished and award winning author, and eldercare and caregiver’s rights advocate who has also been featured on the pages of publications including: Library Journal, CNN iReport, Escape Magazine, Huff Post, Washington Times, Today’s Caregiver Magazine, Canada’s Caregiver Solutions Magazine, San Joaquin Magazine, California Business Journal and more

Carolyn A. Brent is an American author, elder care legislation advocate, and inspirational speaker. She is best known as the author of award winning—best-selling books, The Caregiver’s Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself and Why Wait? The Baby-Boomers Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially and Legally for a Parent’s Death. Brent is the founder of the nonprofit organizations, CareGiverStory & Grandpa’s Dream.

America’s Caregiver Empowerment Strategist,™ author Carolyn A. Brent is a former clinical educational manager in the pharmaceutical industry.  She is an avid activist and advocate working with the State and U.S. Congress for the purpose of creating change to protect seniors and veterans from financial, medical, and physical  abuse.  Since 2008, Carolyn has volunteered her services to Congress, working toward making the Veterans Administration responsible for upholding the decisions that veterans have made about the appointment of a financial fiduciary and medical representative in the event of their disability and protecting those whom they select.

A Caregiver’s Story (CGS) is a nonprofit launched by Award-Winning American Author, Speaker, Host, TV, Caregiver & Eldercare Legislation Advocate Carolyn A Brent.  CGS specifically designed for the baby boomers and caregivers and provides them with complimentary medical, legal and financial resources regarding caregiving, health, fitness, and wellbeing. The nonprofit provides free resources related to caregiving, aging, health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Within that, GrandPa’s Dream, Inc. (GPD) is a specially designed program dedicated to educating and empowering caregivers and care providers. This information is vital for the care and welfare of sick and disabled people. In addition, GrandPa’s Dream also provides pertinent information that will enrich and support the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the caregivers..

2015-08-07_1818Washington D.C. —AARP PrimeTimeRadio with author of ElderCare Ready, Stuart Furman, Esq., Elder Law Attorney  & Carolyn A. Brent, MBA, author caregiver/eldercare legislator Advocate Award-Winning  Bestselling Books ♦ LibraryJournal VERDICT Excellent!


“Why Wait? Is a timely, thought provoking page-turner that should be considered a desk reference for caregivers and those who would be caregivers of all ages. Thank you, Carolyn Brent!”
—Rawle Andrews, Jr., Esq., Regional Vice President, AARP





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