To CareGiverStory (CGS) Your Resource Portal: Everything you need to know to ensure that your loved one is being properly cared for. People today are not only living longer, they are also living sicker—making aging and caring for chronically ill loved ones more complicated than ever before. In this extensive Resource Portal—Award-Winning Caregiver Advocate Carolyn A. Brent outlines a step-by-step process so caregivers know what to do and what to ask in every situation that may arise. Here you will find an amazing wealth of information from the industry experts— on a verity of subjects such as: Caregiving ♦ Financial ♦ Legal ♦ Medical ♦ Spiritual ♦ Emotional ♦ And Physical Wellbeing. ♦♦♦ There’s MORE! Keep SCROLLING down… Details.

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Carolyn A. Brent, MBA |
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CareGiverStory Inc.
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Heathrow, Florida 32746-4753

About Carolyn Brent

Carolyn A. Brent known to audiences across the country from her appearances on various national news programs from MSNBC to ABC. Carolyn is an accomplished and award winning author, and eldercare and caregiver’s rights advocate who has also been featured on the pages of publications including: Library Journal, CNN iReport, Escape Magazine, Huff Post, Washington Times, Today’s Caregiver Magazine, Canada’s Caregiver Solutions Magazine, San Joaquin Magazine, California Business Journal and more… Carolyn A. Brent is an American author, elder care legislation advocate, and inspirational speaker. She is best known as the author of award winning—best-selling books, The Caregiver’s Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself and Why Wait? The Baby-Boomers Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially and Legally for a Parent’s Death. Brent is the founder of the nonprofit organizations, CareGiverStory & Grandpa’s Dream. Brent travels throughout the United States, lecturing about the importance of adult siblings and their parents having what she calls “crucial conversations” in preparation for the end-of-life issues they may face. One of her special skills is helping families avoid being torn apart and helping families come together as a much stronger family unit. As a result of her work, families have the opportunity to create the type of supportive, loving environment their parents need in order to depart this world with dignity. Brent passion was ignited when she was caring for her own father, who was diagnosed with dementia in 1997. From that experience, she found that neither she nor her family truly understood the medical challenges related to aging and chronic illness, or the financial and emotional weight of these issues on the family. In 2009 she founded her organization, Caregivers Story, which works to disseminate information through books, speaking engagements and a web-based info portal, to empower families who are being challenged by the need to plan for their aging parents’ medical, financial and legal well-being, as well as dealing with their own heartaches and intra-family dynamics. Having herself been a victim of “vexatious litigation” initiated by a family member while caring for her father, she has become deeply involved in the national movement to change laws to protect long- term family caregivers from similar malice. On February 19, 2013, Brent testified before the California State Assembly’s Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care. She told the state legislators her caregiving story, emphasizing the fact that her “father’s wishes were stripped away from him” because a baseless legal action was launched against her and urging them to take action to stop this practice. She is currently working with the legislature to put forward a bill that would make vexatious litigation a felony. The bill is slated to be enacted into law in 201?. After that, Brent says, “I plan to take my reform across the country, to all the states my daddy defended while fighting for our great country. If you wish to help, contact me at my foundation, at I’ve got to change the laws. I’ve dedicated my life to this.” Carolyn Brent’s professional background gives her rare insight into the complex medical issues facing seniors and their families. For seventeen years she worked for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. As a clinical education manager for Pharmacia, she worked with key opinion leaders in the medical field. In her role as a senior therapeutic sales representative for another major pharmaceutical company, Novartis, she provided information to doctors and staff on a variety of subjects, including health care plans. Brent has worked as a volunteer at various assisted-living facilities, including the San Joaquin Behavioral Health Evaluation Center. Since 2008 she has volunteered her services to the United States Congress, doing advocacy work for frail and disabled individuals. In 2008 Brent worked alongside Congressman Jerry McNerney in California in the effort to make the Veterans Administration responsible for protecting disabled veterans’ decisions about the appointment of a fiduciary representative in the event of their disability. Other issues she is committed to resolving are vexatious litigation, reforms to Medicare and Medicaid that will bring financial relief to seniors, and the elimination of profiteering at assisted-living facilities. Carolyn received a B.A. in business administration from National University in Los Angeles, California, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix in Pleasanton, California. She resides in Orlando, Florida.

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