Why The World 🌎Needs To Know Carolyn A. Brent In This Season?

by Angela D. James, MBA

After spending 12 years of being the primary caregiver for her father who had been diagnosed with dementia, Carolyn A.… Read More

The Road to —>Self-Care

7 October 2016

https://youtu.be/NUTofjLMT20Caregiving guru Carolyn A. Brent gives others hope for the future Renowned author and advocate is reminding caregivers about the importance of self-care. Renowned author and advocate is reminding caregivers about the importance of self-care.Read More

Across ALL Ages🌎Be On The Winning Team 📚It’s ALL About Life’s Journey💫

Chapter 10: Taking Care of Yourself When You Are a Caregiver…
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After going through the journey and heartache of being the family caregiver for my father for twelve years, and then enduring the pain of legal conflicts with my siblings, I ultimately asked myself a key question: What would I do differently if I could do it all over again?… Read More

The Vision ❤️ Across All Ages 🌎 It’s All About The Journey

Guided Embrace Radio Live 

What an Honor to have been on two amazing shows with JackieEvard-Vescio, David Octavio Gandell and Dr.… Read More

Book Preface ❤️Across ALL Ages 🌎It’s All About The Journey

The Caregiver’s Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself ❤️


My dad and I were very close.… Read More