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2015-09-17_2359Featured ReportCNN Special Report Interview with Carolyn A. Brent
CNN iRepot (June 2013)

  • 8 Tanda Lansia Tak Boleh Ditinggal Sendiri -……8 Tanda Lansia Tak Boleh Ditinggal Sendiri. … tua Anda yang sepuh tidak boleh hidup sendiri seperti dijabarkan ahli perawatan lansia Carolyn A. Brent yang juga …Nov 2015
  • Family life: Checking up on Mom and Dad Erie Times-News
    Nov 11 10:16 PM Many adults struggle with determining if their aging parents are fit to continue living alone. So much is at stake in making this difficult, multifaceted decision. Carolyn A. Brent, author of The Caregiver’s Companion, lists telltale signs that this serious conversation should begin.
  • An agonizing decision: When it’s time to move parents
    Chicago Daily Herald—Nov 23, 2015 — Aging and elder care authority and legislation advocate Carolyn A. Brent, author of “Why Wait? The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Preparing …
  • Morrow County Sentinel
    10 signs your aging parent can’t live alone
    (First Posted: 7:57 am – November 9th, 2015)


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